Jessy Hospitality Supplies
Here at Jessy Hospitality Supplies, we support the backbone of the hospitality industry.. The quality of our products has regularly been recognised through industry awards and the positive feedback we get from our customers.

We stock durable commercial-grade supplies and equipment for catering, hospitality, kitchens and more. Our product range is carefully selected to ensure quality, aesthetics and safety for your colleagues, customers.
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Plastic products
( refuse bags, vac bags,  etc )
Brown bags
(all sizes )
Dome, Tubs and Lids
Aluminium foil roll & containers
(all different sizes )
Condiments sachets
(tomato sauce, salt & pepper, vinegar etc)
Cleaning materials
and chemicals
Grease proof products
Microwavable containers & Kraft deli
Paper serviettes,
towels and wipes
Hotel guest slippers
and linen serviettes
Cold Drinks
Till rolls
(80 x 83 thermal roll
& 57 X 40 speed point rolls)
Toilet Paper
Protective wear
(Gloves, Mop, Cabs &
Disposable Plastic Aprons etc)
Bakery products
(Cake boxes, Bakery paper, Cake Boards,
Muffin Cups & Doyleys etc)
Spirit jelly
© Copyright Jessy Hospitality Supplies
(All Rights Reserved)
Jessy Hospitality Supplies